REUSE to Make Less Waste

Reduce waste and save departmental funds by REUSE-ing items purchased for the Medical College.  If you have office supplies or equipment in working order that will be discarded, consider offering your items to colleagues across campus via email.  The Sustainability Team has created an email list making it easy to share reusable materials. You will need to join the REUSE email list to send and receive notices.  Join by following the steps below, then send an email to REUSE when you have items to share.  As a member of the list you will be alerted when other departments are offering items that could be used in your area at no cost.

To start "REUSE-ing" join the list.

 - Click on this link to the "subscribe area" for the REUSE list
 - Login using your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS and your email password
 - Type your full name in the box and click the subscribe button below it.

The system will send you a welcome message to confirm your subscription is complete.

Items posted must be "available" to take at no cost, and must be for reuse within the Medical College.  If you have items of significant value and are seeking to be compensated from another department for the items, you must contact your Department Administrator or Director for instructions.  Use the email link to make a detailed description so that respondents can determine if your items can be used.  Include the total number of items, how long you will hold them and other specific information included in the email template created by the link above.

Did you know

Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a tv for three hours.

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