Students Organize for Sustainability

The Student Green Initiative was approved as an official subcommittee of the Medical Student Executive Council in early February 2009, and students have already begun their work. The Student Green Initiative consists of a group of medical students committed to reducing the medical school's environmental impact and increasing awareness about these efforts. According to Jeffrey Russ (Class of 2012) an early organizer, "the mission of the group is based on the belief that the institution has a responsibility to minimize waste and implement environmentally friendly policies where possible."

During the first few meetings, small teams were organized and assigned projects. "Small teams stay focused and take responsibility for seeing each project through to success," Russ said.  Jeffrey Russ will be posting progress on this web site.  To keep up with the latest news, hit the subscribe button on the home page of this site.

To volunteer to help with the Student Green Initiative projects please contact Jeffrey Russ,  David Nissan, or Andres Abreu.

Did you know

Earth Day was founded in 1970. U.S. Senatory Gaylord Nelwo of Wisconsin called for a nationwide demonstration in the spring of 1970 aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues. It worked. The first national Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

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