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Reusable mugs slash the cost of your coffee on campus

Griffis Faculty Cafe (GFC-Cafe) opened last year taking over the concession from Pyramid Coffee.  And they have the winning deal for reusable coffee mugs on campus.  On the second floor of the C building, this small eatery is located in the Archibald Commons.  It is open from 6am - 8pm serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The GFC Cafe offers a $5 reusable mug including your first fill up.  Subsequent refills are only $1, compared to the $2.25 cost of a large coffee in one of their paper cups.  So the $1.25 savings means full payback by the end of the first week.  Clarence Heard, Supervisor of the cafe stated, "Starting last year, we give a free mug to all first year medical students."  He notes that so far they have sold about 50 additional mugs.  If you don't have the $5, but you already have a reusable coffee mug, bring it on down.  According to the Griffis Faculty Club, the cafe will honor $1 refills with any other type of reusable coffee mug.

If your work area is not convenient to the C building, then the NYP Green mug might be for you.  The NYP mug costs $10 and subsequent refills are only $0.85-$1.05.  It takes a bit longer for the return on investment, but the mug is good for the $.85 refill at the Garden Cafe Cafeteria in the basement and the Garden Express concession at the STARR entrance.  Refills are $1.05 in the Starbucks featured Patio Cafe in the main NYP lobby.   To purchase the mug, inquire at the cashiers in the basement level Garden Cafe Cafeteria.  And if you have already laid out the $10, remember you can also use the NYP mug at the GFC Cafe.

So either way, why is anyone still walking around campus with a paper or worse yet, a styrofoam cup?

Did you know

We use 80,000,000,000 aluminum soda cans a year.

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