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Join us as a Green Leader and enroll coworkers in your area for WCM UnPower Hour 2024 on Thursday, March 21st from 2 PM to 3 PM. During this one hour, you will work with your colleagues to reduce energy consumption as much as you can by switching off some lights, computers/printers, appliances and/or other equipment.

This event is part of Earth Hour 2024 which will take place on Saturday, March 23rd at 8:30 PM. Earth Hour is an initiative by WWF to raise awareness about climate change...

Infrastructure equipment, services, and business hours required to maintain operations make Weill Cornell Medicine a significant energy user. For the past six years, Weill Cornell Medicine has participated in summertime Demand Response (DR) programs, which play an important role in maintaining the operation and resiliency of the New York City electric grid. DR programs are collective actions involving suppliers and customers that can help reduce the likelihood of grid outages, defer the...

In recognition of Zero Waste Week, The Office of Energy & Sustainability is sharing our first newsletter, Happenings! Our team recently participated in new student orientation, discussed recycling guidelines for Olin Hall residents, and presented the WCM Green Initiative to postdocs during Earth Month, April 2023. If you would like a member of the OES team to meet with your department to review WCM sustainability best practices, please contact, and we...

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