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Need to Defrost your Freezer? New Back-up -80°C Freezer Available for WCM Labs

A new -80°C freezer is available for short-term storage in the 1300 York Avenue building to encourage WCM labs to conduct annual maintenance on their own units.

Why is this important?Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULTs), commonly referred to as -80 freezers, are some of the most energy-intensive plug-load equipment utilized in WCM labs. These units should be defrosted annually to maintain efficiency...

Please use this Resource Sharing Page to advertise items that you no longer need and wish to pass on to a new owner, such as research or medical equipment, an office supply, or a reagent, etc. Specify your contact info, the location, and the date the item needs to be picked up by. If there is no pick up by date, the item will be deleted after 3 months.


The Office of Energy & Sustainability and Environmental Health & Safety recently launched a new battery recycling program.

We placed two battery recycling bins in the lobby of 1300 York Avenue and Belfer Research Building, allowing faculty, staff, and students to recycle batteries at their convenience. Please note that batteries other than alkaline need to have the battery terminals (the ends of the batteries) taped to avoid the risk of fire. For safety, all lithium metal and...

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