Office of Energy & Sustainability


Does WCM recycle?

Yes, we do! 


Why does my housekeepr put trash and recycling in the same receptacle?

This is done for practicality. However, trash bags and recycling bags are visually sorted (and this is why we use transparent bags) and brought to different storage locations.

What is the recycling process at Weill Cornell Medicine?

Waste management is an important part of WCM sustainability efforts. Reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills can significantly reduce greenhouse gases and pollution. Learn about the movement of our trash, various waste streams, and the WCM diversion rate here.

How do I recycle batteries?

Submit a pickup request with EHS. Check out the EHS page for instructions.

How do I recycle cartridges & toners?

Vendors such as HP and Xerox have their own free take back programs.

How do I recycle food waste/compost?

Here you can find a map of the Food scrap drop off location throughout the city. The 24/7 Smart Composting Bins closest to WCM main campus are located at 66th St and 1st Ave (SE corner) or 72nd St and 2nd Ave (SW corner).

Did you know

Fume hoods and -80 freezers can consume as much as 3.5 and 1 homes' worth of energy, respectively.

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