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Griffis Green Roof

Many WCM employees are familiar with the Griffis Faculty Club, but few know that the Griffis team operates their own private green rooftop. The green roof project was initiated in 2020 to correct a leak in the Griffis event space. The 30+ year old roof’s insulation and fall protection also needed renovation to meet NYC code. 

On top of the needed renovation work, beds of plants (a variety of sedum) were planted to cover approximately 1200 square feet. Two raised plant beds were also installed for growing herbs to use in the kitchen. A welcome side benefit of the green roof––besides the improved view from the many surrounding windows––is an additional environment for pollinators, which attracted bees within a few weeks of planting. Taasha Ramsay––Griffis Club Manager and Director, Meetings & Special Events––is planning to start a beehive in this space in Spring 2024. 

Green roofs––a popular technique to make buildings more sustainable––absorb rain and provide an extra layer of insulation, which increases energy efficiency and helps combat the urban heat island effect while improving air quality. Learn more about the benefits of green roofs.

In addition, in 2019, two laws were passed as part of NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act, which requires new roof or roof replacement projects to include green roofs or solar panels.


Did you know

Fume hoods and -80 freezers can consume as much as 3.5 and 1 homes' worth of energy, respectively.

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