Office of Energy & Sustainability

Green Labs

Weill Cornell Medicine faculty, staff, and students conduct cutting-edge biomedical research in over 280 lab groups throughout our Upper East Side campus. Laboratory equipment requires significant energy, and day-to-day research work often relies heavily on material goods, water, and hazardous chemicals

Per year, labs consume:

  • 5-10 times more energy than offices,
  • 4 times more water, and
  • 5.5 metric tons of plastic waste, which amounts to 1.7% of the plastic waste produced globally.

(Source: My Green Lab)

It is possible to minimize the use of energy, water, material goods, and hazardous chemicals to benefit the health and safety of staff, reduce environmental impact, and reduce lab energy and supply costs. Turning off lights or equipment are simple ways to conserve energy. Researchers can also review protocols to determine if there are chemical alternatives that have less of an environmental impact, and look to purchase reusable products over single-use ones.

Did you know

Earth Day was founded in 1970. U.S. Senatory Gaylord Nelwo of Wisconsin called for a nationwide demonstration in the spring of 1970 aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues. It worked. The first national Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

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