Office of Energy & Sustainability

Free A/C Unit Covers Available for Olin Hall Residents

Window air conditioning (A/C) units are our allies in the summer but can become an annoyance in the winter. These units can be prone to drafts, making apartments cold and forcing radiators to work harder to keep residents warm.  A way to improve energy conservation and comfort in your apartment is to minimize these drafts by installing A/C unit covers. Each year, the Housing Office provides Olin Hall residents with free covers for window A/C units.

During the winter months, residents can pick up free A/C unit covers in the Olin Hall lobby. The A/C cover easily slips over your unit and an elastic band keeps the cover in place. If students have issues with the installation, they can open a work order with Facilities Management & Campus Operation and request assistance.

Did you know

We use 80,000,000,000 aluminum soda cans a year.

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