Office of Energy & Sustainability

Office of Energy & Sustainability Staff

In November 2022, the Office of Energy & Sustainability was created in the Department of Facilities Management & Campus Operations (previously Engineering & Maintenance) to work with faculty, researchers, staff, and students to implement sustainable practices. The creation of this group expands on the creation of an energy conservation team within Engineering & Maintenance in 2016, as well as many years of volunteer initiatives led by the Sustainability Leadership Council.  Early 2023 priorities include improving campus waste management practices and establishing collaborative working groups with different departments to identify initial projects and priorities.


Michael Murphy, Senior Director, Facilities Management & Campus Operations

Angela Mu, Associate Director of Energy and Sustainability   

Akhil Soman, Energy Manager

Lara Pes, Sustainability Program Manager

Filipp Alaverdyan, Energy Engineer

Hemant Tiwari, Energy Engineer



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Did you know

30% of Municipal Solid Waste is compostable food and yard waste.

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