Go Green, Save Green, Save the Environment

Weill Cornell Researchers are working to reduce our impact on the environment.  Sustainable sourcing of materials can preserve resources and energy, reduce fuel used in transport, and have lasting benefits through to their decomposition in a landfill.

Below is a list of eco-friendly alternatives to items traditionally used in experimentation.  Our efforts to utilize these alternatives can reduce our labs environmental impact, save storage space, and shrink lab costs.   Remember the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A little bit of effort at the front end, in considering sustainable sources benefits everyone in the long term.

Thanks to MIT for some of the links.  For a more comprehensive list visit Working Green at MIT.

At Continental Lab Products  you can find products from Biotix Inc  and NEPTune (from New England Peptide) that greatly reduce plastic waste.

Biotix Inc pioneered biodegradable plastics in several of their products.  BioX-resin reduces landfill waste while maintaining a higher chemical resistance to common laboratory reagents than polystyrene.

Neptune features stackable pipette tips that reduce packaging waste up to 90% and take up to 80% less storage space.

Friendly Green makes an eco-friendlier choice for industrial wipes comparable to Kimberly Wipes.  They’re made from at least 80% post-consumer waste and are biodegradable.

Phoenix Biomedical manufactures sterile Petri dishes with 35% less plastic thereby reducing waste and cost.

Invitrogen has a diversity of sustainable products that use sustainable packaging, reduce waste, are more energy efficient, or are less hazardous.


Download Fisher Scientific’s Environmentally Friendly Product Guide for a list of products that meet at least one of eleven green standards.

Corning offers serological pipets in bulk packaging. Aside from saving packaging material and waste, they also save money.

VWR’s cheaper alternative pipette tip refilling system is compatible with several brands of pipettes, is made 95% renewable packaging, and has recyclable parts.

Did you know

NewYork Presbyterian and Columbia have partered with - Greenmarket offering a farmer's market every Tuesday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm through November on Fort Washington Avenue between 168th and 169th streets.

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