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Green Leaders Meet & Greet Event

Green Leaders and WCM Sustainability Leadership Council during our Meet and Greet Event

Last week, the Sustainability Leadership Council held a meet and greet event for all the Green Leaders who collaborated in this year's Unpower Hour. The event was a great opportunity to catch up with veteran Green Leaders who have collaborated with our initiatives over the years, as well as to meet new volunteers. 

We want to thank all the Green Leaders who attended the event, as well as those who could not make it. Your efforts push our initiatives forward!

Green Leaders pictured above:

  • Brandy Holman,¬†University Counsel
  • Clare Casey, External Affairs
  • Loretta Merlo, Samuel J. Wood Library
  • Sherisse Brown, Samuel J. Wood Library
  • Christine Curti, Imaging (NYP)
  • Rafael J. Zabala, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Daisy Torres-Baez, Medicine
  • Blanca Carpio, Pediatrics
  • Vijay K. Sharma, Medicine
  • Yvonne Cuaresma, Education Administration
  • Sandra Bitowft, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Bradley Stylman, Environmental Health and Safety

Green Leaders not pictured:

  • Nazia Alam, Burke Medical Research Center
  • Jamila Alexander, Dermatology
  • Tanya Benitez, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Alana Dudnath, Anesthesiology
  • Bridget McFadden, Information Technologies and Services
  • Cassie Yuan, Graduate School

Check out an album of our gathering on our Facebook Page.

Did you know

30% of Municipal Solid Waste is compostable food and yard waste.

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