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One Healthcare EcoChallenge 1-30 April

You are invited to join team Weill Cornell Medicine in the One Healthcare EcoChallenge 2024, a free, virtual, and friendly month-long competition (April 1 - 30, 2024) between healthcare organizations that aims to promote healthy, sustainable habits and community health. Use the EcoChallenge platform to select impactful actions at work and at home, and log your progress to see how your actions add up. You can join the challenge before or at any time during the month of April.

How to participate:

The top two scorers from Weill Cornell Medicine will receive a $50 gift card from Earth Hero.

About the EcoChallenge
During the challenge, participants will use the EcoChallenge platform to select actions to take at work and home that positively impact the community. By logging progress throughout the challenge, participants will see their individual and team impacts add up on the Ecochallenge site. Other features of the platform include unique resource links and reflection questions associated with each daily and one-time action, interactive team feeds, and more.

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Did you know

Diesel trucks carry Manhattan's garbage 7.8 million miles every year. That's the equivalent of driving more than 312 times around the Earth!

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