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How To Recycle Less Common Items

 Bulk Waste







Bulk Waste: Submit a work order to FMCO requesting pick up for any item that doesn't fit in the trash or recycling bin.


Batteries: There are two drop off location on the main campus: Belfer Research Building by the entrance, just behing the turnstiles; 1300 York Avenue building in the LC loung area on the first floor, in front of the LC elevators. Note 1: for lithium batteries you'll need to submit a request to EHS for hazardouz material pick up. Note 2: rechargeable and button cell batteries need to have their extremities taped to avoid fire. 

Otherwise, you can submit a pickup request to EHS. Check out the EHS page for instructions. 


cartridges recycling

Cartridges & Toners:  Vendors such as HP, Xerox, and Canon have their own free take back programs.


food waste

Food waste: Food scrap drop off location throughout the city. The 24/7 Smart Composting Bins closest to WCM main campus are located at 66th St and 1st Ave (SE corner) or 72nd St and 2nd Ave (SW corner).



For buildings serviced by the Department of Sanitation, check out their ”How to get rid of…” area on their website.

For other ways to minimize waste, check out TooGoodToGo and The Buy Nothing Project.


Did you know

Recycled plastic bottles are used to make carpet, clothing and even auto parts.

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