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Battery Recycling

Two new bins for batteries recycling are now available in the Belfer Research Building (at the building entrance just behind the turnstiles) and the 1300 York Avenue building (first floor in front of the LC elevators, all the way to your right when you enter the building). 

EHS collects the batteries from these bins regularly.

BRB battery recycling  Battery recycling in 1300





Battery Recycling in the Belfer Research Building and in the 1300 York Avenue building


Accepted batteries


  • Rechargeable and button cell batteries, if extremities are taped.

     -Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd)
     -Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH)
     -Nickel-Zinc (Ni-Zn)
     -Silver-Oxide (SR)

Not accepted batteries

  • Lithium ion or lithium metal batteries 
  • Damaged batteries

These batteries need to be collected by EHS as hazardous material. Submit a waste pick-up request.


Battery recycling sign


Did you know

Fume hoods and -80 freezers can consume as much as 3.5 and 1 homes' worth of energy, respectively.

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